The way bathrooms used to be designed does not suit our modern-day tastes. We like open floor plans and spacious rooms. So, when we remodel, we come across the dilemma of making a small bathroom feel more spacious. I wanted to show an example of a recent remodeled bath that we have completed. They had a toilet room/shower combo that a lot of people have in their master bathrooms.  The shower was very tight while the rest of the bathroom was quite spacious. Below you will see the original layout of the bath.

They had a tub which, depending on the homeowner, may not be necessary. This client decided to remove the tub, freeing up a lot of space. Allowing us to push the shower out for extra room. See below for the new floor plan we came up with.

There are also a few tricks to make it feel even more spacious. Light and airy finishes are always a good start. No heavy dark tile allowed. A window in the shower (even in the interior like this one) brightens up the space with more light. If you want the light as well as more privacy, you can just use frost glass. We also always love to do a frameless glass shower door. Not only does that give your shower a more open feel, it just looks more sleek and modern.

This one has another added element. When we pushed out that wall to extend the shower, we were now into the vaulted ceiling area. So instead of creating a ceiling for this bump out, we left it open. Below is looking at where the tub used to be and now the shower is pushed out to.

If you can’t change the layout of your small bathroom, you can still open up the feel of it. Again, the glass shower door and adding a window will help. This keeps your line of sight going. There’s no shower curtain to block half the room off. Keep the whole room light and airy by selecting a lighter tile finish that’s not a busy pattern. Make sure your vanity is not too bulky either. And of course, select that light paint color for your walls. Keep your accessories simple. And it will feel like a whole new room when you’re complete.

If you’re ready to take on a remodel of your own, give us a call!

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